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Do you know about the car air conditioners?

The weather is hot, if at this time the car's air conditioning is broken, one can imagine, steamer-like car simply can not stand it. Seems to be a simple air conditioning problems, the car went to the repair shop inspection and maintenance, repair some problems but did not fix it, in the end is where a problem? Do you want to know the regular repair shop air conditioning testing program? Please read below:
First, the consequences of the summer air conditioning is not cool:
1, new car air-conditioning is not cool:
Last year by the end of September to buy a new car, car air-conditioning cooling function has never been used this year after the summer less, and did not find the vehicle out of order. The recent temperature rise, air conditioning and found that the cooling effect is not obvious. After the car to the repair shop, add refrigerant, check air-conditioning compressor, spent nearly a thousand dollars did not completely solve the problems of air-conditioning is not cool.
2, old car air conditioning is not cooling:
The vehicle has been almost five years, traveling nearly 150,000 kilometers, is a typical old car, air conditioning performance is getting worse now, turn on the air conditioning, although the wind whistling blow, air conditioning wind noise is very large, but the car temperature But not down down, but also up to a dozen down fuel consumption.
Second, the reason car air conditioning is not cool:
Air conditioning does not cool completely not cooling, poor cooling and other reasons, but also led to this phenomenon is caused by many situations, do not blindly judge, according to the formal air conditioning testing process to make judgments and then maintenance.
1, the quality and purity of fluorine.
The quality and purity of fluorine play a crucial role in vehicle air conditioners, which often result in inefficient operation of air conditioners.
2, condenser and water tank.
Condenser and water tank cooling situation will also affect the use of air conditioning, a long time do not clean the condenser and the water tank will be covered with foreign body dust.
3, the use of fluorine.
Many owners think that the more air fluoride in the better, in fact, not the case. In the fluorine process, the amount of fluorine is neither more nor less. Less will make the air conditioning pipe pressure is not enough, more pressure is too large. In both cases, air conditioners are not functioning properly.
4, the quality of expansion valve.
Expansion valve refrigeration system is an important component, usually installed in the cartridge and evaporator between. Poor quality expansion valve will not play a role in the refrigerant.
Third, the car air conditioning service testing the entire process:
(A) Air conditioning integrity check:
1, condenser radiator appearance inspection:
Check purpose: check whether the blockage, whether damage; condenser surface is oil, whether leaked; radiator is leaked.
2, coolant test:
Check purpose: check the coolant level is normal, is turbid; antifreeze PH value is less than 7.5, the acid is too strong, it is easy to damage the metal inside the tank; PH value is greater than 9, alkaline too strong, easy to make corrosion inhibitors and Generate precipitation, loss of anti-corrosion effect.
3, air-conditioning compressor belt inspection.
Check purpose: check whether the crack, tightness is normal.
4, abnormal sound check:
Check purpose: Belt tension wheel whether there is abnormal sound, the compressor has abnormal sound.
5, air conditioning and refrigeration system components work performance (air conditioning system humidity analysis method):
Check purpose: Check the temperature difference between both sides of the compressor, the temperature difference between the sides of the condenser and so on.
6, refrigerant purity:
Purpose of the test: Check the purity of R134A, R12, R22, AIR, using the instrument.
7, air conditioning system pressure:
Check purpose: Check the ambient temperature, high pressure side pressure, low side pressure.
8, air conditioning system lines:
Inspection purposes: check whether the aging crack, the connector connection is firmly fixed
9, air conditioning and refrigeration system:
Check purpose: Check air-conditioning pipeline interface leakage, the compressor body assembly interface is damaged.
10, insulation check:
Inspection purposes: Check the engine room insulation board is damaged, the exhaust duct and muffler insulation board is damaged; insulation board damage and loss will lead to the car temperature.
(B) air-conditioned car air supply part of the inspection:
11, air-conditioning control function check:
Check purpose: Check the function of each panel air conditioner switch is normal.
12, blower:
Check purpose: check whether the blower is working properly, whether there is abnormal sound.
13, air supply mode check:
Check purpose: check the middle of the air outlet mode, windshield defrosting defogging mode, straight row lower ventilation mode, the rear air conditioning outlet mode, the outlet is damaged.
Air volume detection:
Check purpose: Check the air flow switch to second gear, the air volume to the maximum air volume check, mainly to check the air filter, evaporator blockage.
15, the outlet temperature detection:
Check purpose: check the maximum wind speed, air flow two block, ventilation mode open to several cycles such as internal temperature values.
16, odor detection:
Check purpose: check whether there is smell, smell the location.
17, air conditioning filter detection:
Check purpose: Check the filter is dirty, clogged
18, diagnostic test failure query:
Check purpose: Check the air conditioning system is normal, the engine system is normal, need to use the instrument.
Fourth, the use of summer air conditioning Note:
1, do not sleep in the car to open air conditioning.
Summer out a lot of time is not trying to drop in the car on the United States and the United States drop it? Do not do this! Remember! Car exhaust carbon monoxide can not be promptly drained in a closed car space, it is easy to cause toxic gas into the car Inside. This gas can be life-threatening!
2, car air-conditioning should be promptly cleaned.
Do not be lazy car, after the spring every year to replace the filter, and to clean the car air conditioner condenser, cleaning to thoroughly, it is best to remove the tank to wash.
3, the direction of the car air conditioning outlet to be reasonable.
Open the air outlet will be up, open the heating outlet will be down.
4, car air conditioner open time not too long.
Long-term use of automotive air conditioning will make the condenser pressure is too large, which will cause losses to the refrigeration system. Therefore, the temperature in the car has made you feel comfortable, may wish to turn off the car air conditioner for a while.
5, appropriate to open air-conditioned car air volume.
Car air-conditioning use will inhale a lot of dust, regularly open the wind to the dust inside the air duct blowing out, this method is the most simple and effective.
6, turn off the car air-conditioned at low speed.
Try to turn off the air conditioner when driving at a low speed. Do not operate the engine at a higher speed to improve the performance of the car air conditioner in case of traffic jams. This will shorten the service life of the engine and the air conditioner compressor.
7, car air-conditioning switch to keep in mind.
At power on, first open the fan switch, then turn on the compressor switch (A / C), shut down, turn off the compressor switch (A / C), and then turn off the fan switch. It is best to turn off the compressor switch at high temperature, then two or three minutes off the fan, so that air conditioning compressor can better heat dissipation.
8, car air-conditioning inside and outside to grasp.



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