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Xianghe industry is a set of automotive air conditioning and tourism activities as one of the professional manufacturing enterprise, the company is located in Hangzhou Fuyang Dongzhou Industrial Zone, adjacent to the beautiful scenery of the the Fuchun River and Hangxinjing high-speed Dongzhou exit, traffic is convenient. Company covers an area of 35 acres, construction area of 20000 square meters, staff of 300 people, the annual production capacity of more than 2 sets of air conditioning, is a set of automotive air conditioning


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Phone: 0571-63461200

Tel: 0571-63409900

Email: hzfyxhkt@163.com

Add:Dongyang Industrial Zone,
Fuyang District, Hangzhou,
Zhejiang, China


  • Bus air conditioning
  • The car air conditioning
  • The radiator
  • Line speed
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